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Dark Phoenix beats everything always

Posted in comics, gaming by Jef on January 12, 2011

I used to have a running schoolyard debate with a friend of mine over who would win in a fight: Phoenix or Silver Surfer. I think the answer is/was pretty obvious, but for some reason he rode with the Surfer. Shrugs. Kids are stupid.

I’m still friends with dude but the debate is long dead. Still, there’s enough spark to that memory that this video of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has me wanting to send him an email like, “YO. SEE? SEEEE??”


Wu Massacre by Chris Bachalo

Posted in comics, music by Jef on February 16, 2010

Anyone remember that awful Wu Tang comic book? I think it was called The Nine Rings of Wu Tang. It’s one of those great failures of the universe that we never got a kick-ass comic adaptation of the Wu brand. Pop culture just refuses to follow through sometimes; Jack Nicholson never played Wolverine and Hitchcock never got his pudgy hands on Naomi Watts. Etcetera. Oh well.

This Wu Massacre cover is a nice consolation; Chris Bachalo — full of idiosyncrasies, dynamic, able to tell a damned story — is one of my favourite artists of all time. The indie kids will recognize his style from “Death: The High Cost of Living”, the fanboys from work on “X-Men.” But don’t sleep on his pet project “Steampunk”, where his pencils go absolutely INSANE. Like, Wu-Tang insane.


Backtracking – “X-men Origins: Wolverine”

Posted in break it down, comics, movies, Uncategorized by Jef on May 2, 2009


X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a prequel of sorts, a¬†flashbacked spin-off, that shows us the beginnings of the X-Men’s Logan/Wolverine as¬†reprised by Hugh Jackman, who has played the character in three previous X-Men films. Here, Jackman takes the front-and-centre spotlight and continues his subtle variation on the massively popular and influential Marvel Comics character, taking us into Wolverine’s storied past and answering questions raised about his shadowy past.

Long story short (and it is the film that does this quickly, not me): Logan is actually named Jimmy, who as a young Canadian circa late 1800’s manifests his mutant power while killing his father’s murderer only to discover, by way of really bad dialogue, that the murderer was his real father all along. Logan’s brother is apparently a mutant as well, a snarling, snot-nosed bastard of one, and they run off to protect each other from a world that won’t understand them. They enlist in the army together, get stationed together and fight by each other’s side; not just in one army but in many over the years, fighting in many wars, as the brothers seem as immortal as they are inseparable.