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Anatomy of a stoning

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From the National Post:


The women behind the screen

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Wikipedia on Shirin Neshat (sic everything):

Shirin Neshat has become one of the most well known Persian artist within the Western artistic world. While she lives in New York City, she addresses a global audience. Her earlier work was symbolic of her personal grief, anxiety and the pain of separation from her home country. It took a neutral position on Islam. As time progressed and the Islamic regime of Iran became more intrusive and oppressive, Neshat’s artwork became more boldly political and subversively critical against it.

She seeks to, according an article in Time, “untangle the ideology of Islam through her art.” Her current cinematic work continues to express the poetic, philosophical, and metaphorical as well as complex levels of intellectual abstraction.

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Sakineh’s execution just further than a stone’s throw

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Last week saw a victory of sorts. International outrage pushed the Iranian government into staying Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s execution by stoning. She still, however, faces a death penalty for alleged adultery, this after already five years in jail and 99 lashes.

Irshad Manji in the Globe and Mail:

None of us should settle for this shallow response. The fact is, Iran’s regime lies about stoning. At the World Economic Forum in 2005, I publicly confronted the country’s then vice-president, Masoumeh Ebetakar, about this hideous practice. She assured me that Iran proclaimed a moratorium on it. Yet human rights watchdogs continue to document cases of the brutality.

A website with petition has been created to spread awareness about Ashtiani and to continue pressure on the Iranian government. Visit www.freesakineh.org.

Iran, according to Battlestar Smurfs

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As over-simplified for the Republican Party:

The smurfs represent the Iranian people, shown here attacking the cylon. When the smurfs believe that they live in a representative democracy, and it is then shown to be false, they do not take it well. They will climb around and dance and make all sorts of noises. Unfortunately the cylons have been allowed to control them for so long, that they are much more powerful than the smurfs.