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Sakineh’s execution just further than a stone’s throw

Posted in human rights, news stories by Jef on July 10, 2010

Last week saw a victory of sorts. International outrage pushed the Iranian government into staying Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s execution by stoning. She still, however, faces a death penalty for alleged adultery, this after already five years in jail and 99 lashes.

Irshad Manji in the Globe and Mail:

None of us should settle for this shallow response. The fact is, Iran’s regime lies about stoning. At the World Economic Forum in 2005, I publicly confronted the country’s then vice-president, Masoumeh Ebetakar, about this hideous practice. She assured me that Iran proclaimed a moratorium on it. Yet human rights watchdogs continue to document cases of the brutality.

A website with petition has been created to spread awareness about Ashtiani and to continue pressure on the Iranian government. Visit www.freesakineh.org.