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Wu Massacre by Chris Bachalo

Posted in comics, music by Jef on February 16, 2010

Anyone remember that awful Wu Tang comic book? I think it was called The Nine Rings of Wu Tang. It’s one of those great failures of the universe that we never got a kick-ass comic adaptation of the Wu brand. Pop culture just refuses to follow through sometimes; Jack Nicholson never played Wolverine and Hitchcock never got his pudgy hands on Naomi Watts. Etcetera. Oh well.

This Wu Massacre cover is a nice consolation; Chris Bachalo — full of idiosyncrasies, dynamic, able to tell a damned story — is one of my favourite artists of all time. The indie kids will recognize his style from “Death: The High Cost of Living”, the fanboys from work on “X-Men.” But don’t sleep on his pet project “Steampunk”, where his pencils go absolutely INSANE. Like, Wu-Tang insane.



Kanye West’s “Spaceship”

Posted in hip-hop, music, music videos, video clip by Jef on June 4, 2009

spaceshipFrustrated you ain’t progressin’ in a recession? Hop onto the spaceship and ride. After years in the vault, the video for Kanye’s “Spaceship” (featuring GLC and Consequence) finally sees the light of day.
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Spec Boogie’s “Requiem for a Dream”

Posted in hip-hop, movies, music, music videos, video clip by Jef on June 3, 2009

spec boogieWhen Spec Boogie first announced plans for “Summer Movie Season” — a project where he would record tracks based on his favourite films, using samples from their soundtracks for the beats and scene clips for the videos — I assumed it would be one of those things that sounds cooler than it actually is. You know, like rapping over Nintendo beats.

I felt his first installment was uninspired, based on Walter Hill’s The Warriors, and I assumed Spec would continue down the road of obvious choices. I was wrong, of course. Surprisingly, he followed up with an ode to Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands. I didn’t think the song worked as a whole, but it definitely was interesting, especially the use of scissor-snaps as high hats.

Now, with his most recent entry, Spec nails it. Based on Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream, Spec’s latest is well-written and paired perfectly with the film’s agitated score. The track works on its own but sounds even better when laid over Aronofsky’s visuals. Extra points for mirroring the film’s devastating downward spiral ending.

I’ll be following this project either way, but here’s to hoping Spec continues to play off more left-field choices. By using films that don’t lend themselves so obviously to hip-hop, he could have something really cool and inventive on his hands.
[Spec Boogie’s “Requiem for a Dream” after the jump:]


Music Video Monday

Posted in music, music videos, video clip by Jef on June 1, 2009

Dance, puppets!

Posted in music, music videos, Uncategorized, video clip by Jef on May 25, 2009

cold war kidsMusic Video Monday is getting scrapped this week due to a lack of releases. I could just write about Beyonce’s “Ego” but there’s not much going on there besides bad hair and costumes and a euphemism for Jay-Z’s penis (stroke ya ego if you love hip-hop!). Instead, click the link below to play with a really cool interactive video for the Cold War Kids’ “Ive Seen Enough.” You can turn the band members on and off, switch up their instruments and generally have them do your bidding. Extra points for the little touches: if you leave it running after the song is done they sit around and hate you.

(I’m trying to come up with a joke involving an interactive video and Jay-Z’s penis to end the post with. I’ll let you know how that works out for me.)
[Cold War Kids — “I’ve Seen Enough”]

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Music Video (Tuesday)

Posted in hip-hop, music, music videos, video clip by Jef on May 19, 2009

That’s right, Music Video Monday Tuesday. What? The blog doesn’t pay but I get stat holidays off.


Because the original wasn’t trippy enough

Posted in animation, music, music videos, video clip by Jef on May 13, 2009

aliceYoutuber Fagottron (true story) took Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” one step further with his song “Alice”, a weirdly beautiful electronic piece composed almost entirely using sounds from the classic cartoon, and then went a few grams deeper by splicing together an awesome video for it. But the mindfuck doesn’t stop there. Someone had the bright idea to plug the vid into the amusing but mostly useless rendering site Yooouuutuuube and ended up with this fantastic trip:
[“Alice” – 18 Rows, 18 Columns]

Music Video Monday

Posted in hip-hop, music, music videos by Jef on May 11, 2009

Music Monday Logo05/11/2009

I never said I was a Photoshop genius. Videos after the jump!

Music Video Monday

Posted in hip-hop, music, music videos, video clip by Jef on May 4, 2009

This week on Music Video Monday: two videos that have fun with the good ol’ long tracking shot, and two more that try to balance a rapper’s inner-demons with their outer-swag. Are they all successful? Watch along after the jump:


Asher Roth’s “I Love College” video

Posted in hip-hop, music, music videos by Jef on March 2, 2009
I like Asher Roth more when he’s rhyming over beats way harder than he’ll ever be — for me, that’s his appeal, the dissonance, the way he conflates hip-hop extremes into something unique and individual and not entirely reliant on irony (the bottom line is still he’s cool because he can spit, not because he’s skinny and white and on a DJ Cannon tape).

But I get this song, why it’ll probably work as a single, the Weezer reference and the uncanny spot-on nostalgic vibe. . .I like this, but if this is all there was to Asher, I wouldn’t.

I know I’m over thinking shit, but that’s what I do here anyways and shit it’s 7:30 a.m. and I’m still on Paris time via Malawi time and my brain is mush. But that’s kinda why Asher works too, the brain mush effect — it’s feels like something smarter but he’s also just dumb fun. But he’s also not.

At the end of the day though, it’s an entry point, kinda like Lupe’s Kick Push. It’s something for listeners to latch on to and quickly decide whether they relate to him or not or whether they can project themselves into the music and also something for music writers to focus in on. He’s white, he’s from the burbs, yadda yadda — easy profile piece material.
Whatever you think of the video though, it’s pretty much the same as he did for Roth Boys, minus the Jigga-riffs.