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Anatomy of a stoning

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From the National Post:


En guard

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Cover for Bak Magazine #9


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Propaganda Wars

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Sergei Ignounov, 1937


House built for dying man unsurprisingly morbid

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See? This is why I firmly believe part of living a healthy, happy life is facing and coming to terms with death. Otherwise, you end up like this dying man here who has 15 good years left and chooses to build and live in “a house awaiting that death.” Sombre, grey and concrete on the outside. Spartan and tiled with dark wood on the inside.

The house, by Eastern Design Office, will be built on a beach near the Suzuka mountains facing east towards the sunrise so the inhabitant can avoid sun rises and their “symboling meaning — that things things have come to an end.” Polygon shaped windows evoke the image of a butterfly’s wings. Transformation and reincarnation.

From Yatzer:

Furthermore, anchors have been hoisted on the wall, a “two-pronged anchor is suspended from the wall and a four-pronged anchor is fixed to the top of a type of narrow bearm.  They are the symbols of a man who has lived a life of relentless rage.”  The architects of EASTERN Design Office sometimes still question themselves why this client asked for such a project with this request “A House Awaiting Death.”

Because it bears repeating: “They are the symbols of a man who has lived a life of relentless rage.”

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The only Barbie doll I’d buy

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Don’t deny it — that’s dope.