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A Deadly Medley of links

Posted in link dump, missives by Jef on September 3, 2010

I’m feelin’ on top of the world without the fear of fallin’ – Black Milk, “Deadly Medly”

It’s been a minute, but it’s been a good one. I reached the point where I was writingwritingwriting but on auto-pilot, no clear destination in mind. I even lost sense of my voice after a while. Easing up on the blogging for a couple of weeks has been good for me — I now have a few projects and assignments lined up that I am EXCITED about and I want to tell everyone about but I won’t, because I’m scared of putting the jinx on them. (And I just watched this video.)

The Ashcan has coasted a bit as well of late, but stay tuned — we just hit our first anniversary mark (*air horn*) and there’s nothing like a new-year landmark to push you to strive for that next level.

But to get Five Deadly back in the swing, here’s a dump of some of the things I thought about posting about over the last few weeks. Some really good reads, and surveying it should give anyone who is confused a good idea of what this blog is concerned with. Sorry for the lack of attribution; I’ve long forgotten where I got these links from.

How murder fell out of fashion with the rich –> As a kid I used to love a good Agatha Christie mystery and Clue was my favourite board game, but lately murder is an activity mainly of the poor and disadvantaged and those cultural items seem anachronistic, if not archaic. Why did society’s elite stop going all Hitchcock on each other? And why not the impoverished and marginalized?

Lady Trouble: Chicago was once full of killer broads –> Speaking of which, Bookslut’s Jessa Crispin looks at “The Girls of Murder City”, a book about Chicago’s Jazz Age and the murderous women who chased fame and found infamy. The world has been hooked on femme fatales ever since. (Or at least I have.)

Letters of Note: The Death List –> Letters of Note is a really great site that collects fascinating correspondence. This one is a letter from actor Steve McQueen to his lawyer regarding McQueen’s inclusion on Charles Manson’s “Death List.” In very staid prose, McQueen requests that his gun licence be renewed, that his lawyer “pull strings” with the police, and that he receive a response back, quick-time. You know. Before he gets murdered and stuff.

You’re Dead. Now What? –> From The Chronicle Review: “We don’t lack narratives about the Beyond—we lack science about the Beyond. We want something factual, anything factual, to falsify the apparent truth that when we perish we won’t see our children ever again or hear the chuggy groove of a Hammond B-2 organ. God bless nonscientific narratives! Our need for knowledge of the Everlasting is something that only science can slake. But science, Frohock freely admits, is not up to the slaking.”

Our Neandertal Brethren –> So, uhm, modern humans apparently got down with Neandertals. I guess Battlestar Galactica was right. (Spoiler?)

Health Care & the Lost Art of Compromise –> Hilarious comedian Hari Kondabolu hijacked Jay Smooth’s Illdoctrine vlog to deliver a modest proposal: LET’S EAT RICH PEOPLE, and take their organs! Sounds reasonable enough.

UFC 117: Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen –> I know you won’t believe me (I wouldn’t believe you either), but I TOTALLY CALLED THAT. If you go through the archives and re-watch Silva’s fights (as I did before this match), it’s easy to notice — Silva’s weakness is takedown defense. He’s been able to cover this up and maintain an aura of invincibility because he’s so good fighting off his back, but I knew Sonnen — being the bully of a wrestler he is — was going to take him down and take it to him. So I was right about that, but not right about the outcome. Good thing I’m just a smart-ass and not a betting man.

That’s it. The rest should be recent enough to get their own posts. See you soon, bastard zombie children of Babylon.


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