[Five Deadly Everythings]

The Curious Case of Jemmy Button

Posted in mob deep by Jef on July 17, 2010

I’m swiping this verbatim and whole from Aaron, which feels like a weird thing to do in a WordPress blog but is just par the course for a Tumblr. When in Rome? His writeup is perfect and I have nothing to add other than “holy crap.”

via Consensus:

This guy came up in research for a story I’m doing about Tierra del Fuego. By all accounts Jemmy Button is a hero. Kidnapped from his island by British scientists, he learns perfect English in a year, becomes a celebrity, wears white gloves and shiny shoes, is pals with Darwin, inspires his theory of evolution, goes back to Tierra del Fuego where he chooses the naked possession-less life of a Yaghan over returning to London and then allegedly massacres some missionaries. The British launched an official inquiry but he can’t be touched because he’s too smooth.


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