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The cursed Japanese Kleenex commercial

Posted in beware of (blank), video clip by Jef on March 21, 2010

This ’80s ad spot spawned rumours of a curse that dogged everyone involved in its production — that the actress had herself a Rosemary’s Baby pregnancy and was later institutionalized, and that the staff all died or fell seriously ill.

From Pink Tentacle‘s series on Japanese urban legends:

The song in the commercial also gained notoriety. Some viewers thought the lyrics sounded like a German curse, and there were claims that the sound of the music varied according to the time of day. Whenever the commercial aired late at night, the singer’s angelic voice would transform into the raspy voice of an old woman, bringing misfortune to all who heard it.

As can be confirmed by the star’s IMDB page, actress Keiko Matsuzaka is not locked away in an asylum and is in fact still working. But I don’t know — curse or no curse, I’m forever changed after watching that, and for sure I can never wear this pair of pants again.

Oh I get it. Kleenex absorbs pee stains, right?



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