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South African youth want rapper accused in killings dead

Posted in 8 million ways, mob deep, news stories by Jef on March 20, 2010

Some 2000 young South Africans, many in school uniform, protested outside a Soweto courthouse on Wednesday against the bail of hip-hop artist Jub Jub, according to Associated Press. Jub Jub, real name Molemo Maarohanye, is accused of killing four kids while drag-racing (alongside co-defendant Themba Tshabalala) with cocaine and morphine in his system.

To disperse the crowd, police did their usual same-old/same-old with rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons.

Some threatened to use mob justice if the hip-hop artist is granted bail.

Rioters hurled bricks and stones at police and chanted calls to kill the musician and Tshabalala because “they killed our friends.”

An update from South African source IOL says Jub Jub is taking the threats very seriously and has hired private security.

Jub Jub (translation: Marshmallow) was already a controversial figure in South African pop culture, but his infamy was a little less dire: moonlighting from rapping, he was a contestant on the country’s version of Survivor and famously left the show claiming he had contracted some sort of genital infection. From The Citizen:

Jub Jub said at the time that he feared the infection would get worse and that his penis might fall off as a result. He told reporters that he would rather quit the contest than become a “rotten cabbage”.

He might have dodged the rotten cabbage fate, but it sounds like small potatoes compared to the stew he’s currently in. The video for Jub Jub’s 2009 kwaito single “Fresh Air” opens with him speeding through the streets in a sleek black ride, both hands off the wheel, the buildings morphing psychedelically around him. Maybe he regrets that now, among other things.

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