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Scott Pilgrim vs. The Fickle Opinionators

Posted in comics, movies, sincerity is dying, Toronto by Jef on March 18, 2010

New poster for "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World"I’m interested to see how the marketing plays out for the Scott Pilgrim movie, and what the anticipation/reaction will be like.

If you are tired of twee movies with hipster sensibilities — which it seems a lot of people are (myself included) — this movie will look about as attractive as a Juno sequel. I felt the same trepidation about the books; even though I heard many positive reviews, I couldn’t help thinking they sounded like everything I hated. (But they’re actually really good — I recommend them unreservedly.)

Also, if you’re extremely tired of Michael Cera — which is entirely possible — the prospect of watching this movie probably doesn’t turn you on. The initial poster seems to agree: Cera’s face and name are nowhere to be found.


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