[Five Deadly Everythings]

The re-up

Posted in missives by Jef on September 4, 2009

I know I know, I made a big deal about switching from the last blog to this one. Sorry to do this again so soon, but please check out The Ashcan. Me and a few of my fellow un/under-employed journalist friends decided to pool our resources and do the group blog thang.

Five Deadly Everythings will keep going, both as a portfolio and a blogĀ — my nerdier posts will find a home here so as to not drag down the Ashcan, as well you’ll liekly see a return to some personal real-life posts. If you’ve been with me since the OKP days, you know what’s up. Afterall, what is a blogger without an existential crisis (as a colleauge once wrote on her own site)? I’ll be back soon. I think I might post some pics to fill in the gaps since my last Facebook album, which feels like eons ago. Till then.