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Fangless grins: “Thirst”

Posted in movies, reviews by Jef on August 6, 2009

Thirst: Not bad. But also not badass.

Thirst: Not bad, but not badass.

Thirst is not a vampire flick, is not a horror film, is sort of a really funny black comedy and ultimately is, certainly, a lunatic love story. In it a Catholic priest named Sang-Hyun travels to Africa and volunteers for a medical experiment, accepting a blood transfusion that infects him with a deadly virus in the hopes of facilitating the discovery of a cure. The rest of the test subjects die, but Sang-Hyun survives as a sort of vampire, hungry for blood and vulnerable to sunlight.

His vampirism circumvents his apparent martyr-complex–he’s now unable to die, much less for a cause, and instead of martydom he achieves status as a miracle, sought after as a faith-healer. His vampirism comes with superpowers including heightened senses (fanged teeth sold separately), senses that drive his infatuation with Tae-Ju, a friend’s mistreated wife, to new and uncontrollably lustful territory.

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