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Paul Pope in Complex Mag

Posted in comics, fashion by Jef on July 18, 2009


Paul Pope is a a comic book artist with alt-tendencies and a freaky-deaky sense of composition who combines elements of Euro strips and Japanese manga. He once did a story about a German Batman on the cusp of World War II who fights to keep an Austrian engineer’s valuable work from being co-opted by the Nazis. And that’s some of his mainstream work.

Anyway, Pope’s work is featured in a recent fashion spread in Complex Magazine combining his art with live models, and the result is pop trash goodness. Complex’s design director is a dude named Tim Leong, who comic heads will remember as editor-in-chief of the now defunct Comic Foundry magazine. Leong’s CF mag was a breath of fresh air for the comics community that combined mainstream and indie coverage and wrapped it all in a lifestyle package. It was a comic mag with fashion spreads, fer crissakes, and it was all actually quite dope while it lasted.

Anyway, I’m sure Leong had everything to do with Pope doing a fashion spread for Complex, and I hope the spirit of CF continues to pop up in Complex as it has in the past (they had a special comics issue awhile back as well). A mag that covers hip-hop and comics and has a multi-culti vision of sexy will always be close to my heart. Even if the writing isn’t that great. (Hint hint, call me.)

[“Mirror Mirror” spread for Complex by Paul Pope]


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  1. trEmaine said, on July 18, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    I am digging this art piece, and Paul Pope is one talented man…

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