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The lighter Dark Knight returns

Posted in animation, comics, video clip by Jef on June 1, 2009

braveandtheboldLast week’s episode of Batman: the Brave and the Bold was both a subtle kick in the nuts to militant fanboys who decry the cartoon’s playfulness and want a return to the tortured-soul Batman and also a dead-on tribute to classic Warners Brother’s animation. There’s a bunch of in-jokes for animation heads, comics fanboys and general casual cartoon watchers and, depending on where you’re coming from, the episode works on several different levels. Mainly though it’s great fun and it really shows how far cartoons have fallen off in recent years. Watch along after the jump.


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  1. Fortress Guy said, on September 12, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    That is an interesting take on it. I often think of Batman: TBATB as less dark, and it is. But you make a good point in that Batman is less tortured in it. He actually smirks and wisecracks. It is nice to see Bats enjoy his work.

    Here is our take on both halves of season one with lots of pics and a few bits if wit if you are interested:



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