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The sunny side of Sasha Grey

Posted in break it down, movies, video clip by Jef on May 21, 2009

sashagreySasha Grey, who has made her distrust of journalists well-known, looks much more comfortable and cheery in her Olivia Munn interview than she has in past live appearances. This could be because she’s more at ease the deeper she gets into promo for The Girlfriend Experience and the further she moves away from that horrible segment on the Tyra Banks show; it could also be because Munn’s show is lighthearted pop fare.

I’d go one further though and say Grey is probably put at ease by Munn herself, a kindred spirit of sorts who also has no problem marrying sex symbol status with a professional persona built around nerd knowledge (film theory for Grey, tech et. all for Munn). Both Munn and Grey have a sort of Zen about what they do and who they are and they’re not caught up in any of the anxieties that combination raises in viewership of either gender.

In Munn, Grey finally has an interviewer who isn’t trying to trap her (irresponsible), figure out if the hype around her intellect is warranted or not (problematic), and isn’t caught up in the whole “shocking!” porno thing (boring).

Case in point: I love Munn’s introduction where she flippantly refers to “the whole hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold cliche” when describing The Girlfriend Experience. That particular character archetype is symptomatic of a lot of our hang-ups when it comes to sex and gender roles, but it’s a hang-up Munn discards and Grey acknowledges but interrogates.
[Olivia Munn interviews Sasha Grey on G4TV]

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  1. curieux said, on July 4, 2009 at 4:47 am

    Please check-out Pietrobruno’s GFE: GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE. You might find the film (and the interview link below) interesting.


    A man obsessed with prostitutes discovers that love is a lot more expensive than sex. A peek into the world of prostitution from the client’s point of view. Movies often portray sex-workers, but their customers remain well hidden – faceless and nameless. Pietrobruno’s GFE: Girlfriend Experience calls attention to this bias, at the same time as it shifts the cinematic gaze onto the client.

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