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NEWS: Phone programmers are nerds

Posted in tech by Jef on May 8, 2009
No, I don't have an iPhone.

No, I don't have an iPhone.

So while texting back and forth with friends today trying to round up some people to watch Star Trek, I was surprised that my predictive text handled the word “Klingon” without flinching. In a response I tried “Vulcan” and that worked too. I thought there was a chance these words were popular enough to be included in the dictionary, so I went for the trump card.

And yes, my phone’s predictive text spells “Uhura” with no problem at all. How nerdy are your phone’s programmers? Go ahead, try it out this weekend, the only weekend where such texts will be socially acceptable.

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  1. trE said, on May 9, 2009 at 11:01 am

    LOL… I’ve never liked Star Trek, but the previews from the upcoming movie has me itching slightly to see it… Hmm… I would actually expect Cell Phone Programmers to be one up over us on this kind of thing too… LOL…

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