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5th Annual Potluck Festival

Posted in missives, theatre by Jef on June 20, 2008

The Fu-Gen theatre company has long been one of my favourite Toronto arts personalities. From June 20th-29th at the Factory Theatre the group is putting on the 5th Annual Potluck Festival, where you can check out some of their new plays-in-development. I highly recommend making time on your schedule to reach. The price is pay-what-you-can, with the suggested donation being $15 (even that is dirt cheap for good theatre).

Also featured among the more traditional productions and readings is a performance piece that runs at 8 p.m. all weekend, called “A Taste of Empire,” which features pan-Asian cuisine prepared in front of you as a discussion on food and colonialism takes place. Insert: bad joke about food for thought.

I love Fu-Gen, which stands for future generation, because they never get caught-up in navel-gazing identity politics, where angst and personal/political rants overpower the art. Fu-Gen works first and foremost as great theatre, regardless of audience demographic. But yes, their work will mostly likely spark a discussion or a period of self-reflection afterwards.

Fu-Gen was founded in 2002 and quickly carved a niche in the Canadian cultural landscape. Notable productions included Leon Aureus’s “Banana Boys” in 2004 and Catherine Hernandez’s “Singkil” in 2007.

Fu-Gen’s homepage
Live With Culture


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