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Posted in missives by Jef on June 2, 2008

A couple of my recent published articles contain some regretable errors, but given that they are published in either quarterly mags or student publications with revolving-door staffs, I wanted to clear up some things here.

First up, be sure to go out and cop the new issue of Urbanology, which contains my first ever cover story(!), a feature on Lupe Fiasco.

Correction: The opinion piece on page 18, “Defining Justice”, bears my byline but was written by columnist Sean Watson. A correction will run in the summer issue.

Next up, the Spring/Summer issue of Humber College’s media journal, Convergence, features a piece I wrote (“Death Sentences”) about a young Afghan journalism student who was sentenced to death for blasphemy and currently awaits an appeal trial date (which, according to an email I received from his brother just the other day, has been pushed back YET AGAIN).

The article at one point reads:

Zabihulla Noori, who finished his masters of journalism this year at Arizona State University, met Ibrahimi five years ago through the IWPR in his native Afghanistan. Noori was working as an office manager and Ibrahimi was then joining the reporting staff.

“Back then he had long hair, and he was very respectful to me,” Noori says. “He asked how media operates in the United States… I found him to be a really nice guy.”

Correction: I had written a transition paragraph where I made clear that Noori is describing Parwez Kaambaksh, not Yaqub Ibrahimi as it now reads. I think that paragraph got lost in the copy editing. Also, the photo credit should read “Sayed Yaqub Ibrahimi”, not “Zabihullah Noori”.

I apologize to my sources.

In other news, I’m going to be leaving Canada in mid-July for Malawi, Africa, where I will be working as a journalism trainer with the fine organization Journalists for Human Rights. It should be a great experience, but it puts the kibosh on a couple of Scene Guy projects I had planned, including full coverage of the 2008 Toronto Fan Expo.

I will try to bank as many pieces as possible before I leave and post them intermittenly in an effort to keep the site going during my seven-month sabbatical. I will also be posting (or in some cases, re-posting, from my previous blogsite) pieces I had written about films during my cinema studies days at York Univeristy. I think I’ll have a sizable gap in pop culture knowledge when I get back, so that should be interesting.

I’m leaving, but I ain’t going nowhere. Stick around!


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