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Free comix are for kids

Posted in comics, missives by Jef on May 2, 2008

Saturday May 3 is Free Comic Book Day — the day the comic industry gives away free books even though they’re not sure if it helps increase readership.

At the Palmerston Library in Toronto, the fine folks from The Toronto Comic Art Festival and the Beguiling comic shop will be holding an event specifically aimed at youth readership. Participants include Jeremy Tankard, Steven Manale and Michael Cho.

Yeah, the Beguiling will be hosting festivities aimed at grown folks as well, but this year, Scene Guy is all about the children. Bring your nieces, nephews, illegitimate children, of if you’re ten years old yourself, pay your child TTC fare and gon git.

Props to Mr. Christopher Butcher for all the great work he does.

Michael Cho’s Tony Stark fan art site
Hey Kids! No Comics!


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