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Barack the vote

Posted in missives, television by Jef on April 22, 2008

Tonight is the all-important Pennsylvania Democratic primary, where sources say Hillary Clinton will need a landslide victory over Barack Obama in order to stay in the race.

I’m too late to blog about last week’s debate, but when watching Girlicious wins out over watching a key political showdown, that key political showdown probably sucks balls. That’s right, watching Chrystina work out her problems with Tiffanie felt more honest and more productive than watching a troika of dithering idiots sling shit at Obama for over an hour (and then act like the shit don’t stink when it got slung back at them).

Pennsylvania: Do not fuck up.

Girlicious judges: Wow, you did not fuck up.

Scene Guy: Stop watching Girlicious.

My interview with Kidz in Hall about their involvement in the Obama campaign
UPDATE: Pennslyvania fucked up


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  1. Noops said, on April 22, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    Commenting from work, oh my god.

    I didn’t watch the debate but I read the transcript and it was highly fucking entertaining.

    If I didn’t have to work again tomorrow I’d suggest we hit up a bar after the reading and watch/liveblog the primary results.


  2. Scene -- said, on April 23, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    lol @ “highly fucking entertaining.”

    As for the results: the democrat circus rolls on into the next city. It feels like it will never end.

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