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Meryl Streep Goes to Washington

Posted in actors, movies by Jef on November 6, 2007

Maybe it’s just me, but Meryl Streep has been racking major screentime portraying strong women on the right-wing side of things.

I’m a big fan of Streep’s — so big that I once almost watched The Bridges of Madison County. Almost. She’s that good. She can play anybody and she’s so convincing that whenever I watch her performances I almost forget I find her irritating in real life interviews. Almost.

There aren’t many good things I can say about her new film, Robert Redford’s mawkish Lions for Lambs, but I will say I’m pleased Tom Cruise is back to preening mode (he’s at his priggish best in A Few Good Men and Magnolia), and that Streep has stopped playing scary Republicans.

In 2003 she did vocal work for the PBS series Freedom: A History of Us, giving voice to Abigail Adams, first wife of second U.S president John Adams of the Federalist party. The next year she played a cagey, incestuous (ew) senator in The Manchurian Candidate. Her character was a Democrat, but clearly right-of-centre and even more clearly a hawk.

Earlier this year Streep played a government official who supports the use of torture in Rendition. She was almost too good there, her tics too theatrical and calculated, her character too clearly in the wrong. But again, she scared the crap out of me and Jake Gyllenhaal too. Granted, that’s not a hard to thing to do. Jake always looks like he’s full of fear and fresh out of crap.

Streep is back now in Lions for Lambs, this time as a nebbish journalist at odds with a dangerously delusional Republican congressman. I was surprised — I totally expected her to ride the right-wing until she was playing Bush himself. (Which might have been kind of cool, now that I think about.)

Many celebrities make their party allegiances or lack thereof well-known, but I don’t think I’ve ever come across a political interview with Streep. Is she Republican or Democrat in real life? Steve Colbert or Anne Coulter? George Clooney or LL Cool J?

Either way, I’m really glad she’s done scaring me.

Until, of course, I decide to watch Bridges of Madison County. I don’t think any Hollywood liberal could save me from that kind of shock and awe.


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  1. TabithaVenasse said, on November 15, 2007 at 10:27 pm

    Oooh. Meryl Streep is definitely brilliant. I can’t say I’ve seen her in a lot of things, but I did love her in The Devil Wears Prada 😀

    Thanks for the comment on my post! Yah, this is my second year doing Nano, and it’s definitely not going so well. Last year my novel actually turned out pretty well, minus a few gaping plot holes…. haha. But by this point last year I was around close to 40,000 words. I guess I just had a great plot last year, unlike this year. Romantic Comedy soooo isn’t my thing. Maybe I should stick to sci-fi and action from now on.

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